Who are Sleep Solutions?

Sleep Solutions is owned and run by Claudine Gavin BA (hons) Soc. Care who works with parents and their babies and children to help resolve their sleep on an consultation basis.

How can I help?

Sleep Solutions has a proven track record of solving babies and childrens sleep issues. Our detailed and tailored sleep plans, delivery of service and available support ensure results are achieved and remain in place. 

Why Choose Sleep Solutions?

Claudine is passionate about helping children and their families solve their sleep issues. Contact Claudine at Sleep Solutions today to begin your journey to a full nights sleep. A sleep filled night could be days away for you and your family.

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Does your child/baby wake you several times throughout the night?

Does your child/baby find it hard to get into a routine with their daytime naps?

Does your child/baby need to be rocked or fed to sleep?

Does your child/baby only fall or stay asleep with you in your bed?

Does your child/baby wake very early?

Does your child/baby leave you feeling exhausted?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place, Sleep Solutions can help your child get the sleep he or she needs. Within just a few days we can ease your child into a better and healthier sleeping pattern using tailored sleep programmes and gentle soothing techniques.

Helping them get the sleep they need

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What My Clients Say!

I was put in touch with Claudine through a friend of a friend. While I was aware that my 6 month old baby should have been sleeping through the night, it had reached the point where I had grown used to her 2am wake up calls. I found Claudine’s method really helpful.


Caroline, Co. Wicklow