Before we started on Claudine's plan our twins would wake at midnight and one or other would wake every hour thereafter. We were only sleeping for 30 minutes at a time and were beyond exhausted. We did anything we could to get them back to sleep, including soothers and bottles, but we were making it worse and were stuck in a vicious cycle that we didn't know how to get out of. Sleep deprivation affects every aspect of your life and there were a lot of tears. The boys were 10 months old and I was going back to work in two months, something had to change. Claudine completed an in depth review of the boys routine and gave us a plan to follow, within two nights they slept through until 4.30am and within two months they were sleeping through the night. Claudine kept in constant contact throughout the whole process, offering advice along the way and was also there to respond to the hundreds of questions we had. It was such a great support. Our little family are so much happier now and the boys are thriving. We owe Claudine so much gratitude for the help she's given us, she's given us our lives back.


Sinead, Co. Dublin

I can not recommend Claudine and Sleep Solutions enough! With her expert help and guidance, we went from having an cranky, border-line colicky baby who wouldn't sleep for more than 4 hours at a push to having a very content 12 month old who sleeps 12-13 hours a night, as well as 3-3.5 hours during the day! 

I'd read all the sleep books and blogs, but whenever we tried a new tactic I'd give up quickly and didn't have the confidence to see it through. Well who likes to hear their baby cry uncontrollably? A lot of the methods out there meant leaving our little one screech without being consoled for nights on end. I just couldn't deal with that. 

Claudine's approach is much more gentle, but you can still see quick results without worrying that your baby will be scarred for life! Her hands on, one on one approach and continuous guidance meant that we stuck with the plan and consistently had the confidence to use her gentle techniques, even when the inevitable spells of teething and sickness kicked in. 

If you are having any problems settling your little ones for naps or bedtime, don't hesitate to call Claudine, she'll change your life...and may even save your relationship with your partner (my rudely awoken pre-dawn self is not pretty) ;-)


Siobhan, San Francisco


I was put in touch with Claudine through a friend of a friend. While I was aware that my 6 month old baby should have been sleeping through the night, it had reached the point where I had grown used to her 2am wake up calls. I found Claudine’s method really helpful. She didn’t just look at our little girls bed time routine, she made us realise what the necessary ingredients were for a good nights sleep!! Within 3 nights of following her instructions our little girl was sleeping soundly throughout  the night. I couldn’t believe the difference this change made to my work and home life. My only regret is not having met her sooner!


Caroline, Co. Wicklow


When we first contacted Claudine we were at our wits end. I didn’t think sleep deprivation would have such a negative impact on our lives. We couldn’t function and our beautiful little baby seemed so unhappy and cranky all the time!! I felt reading books only confused me more so we decided to try out a one to one consultation with Claudine as a friend of a friend had highly recommended her.Just by talking about the issues we were having to someone who understood and had a plan gave us so much comfort. Claudine was professional but kind and understanding.We went from having a baby that had to be rocked and fed to sleep (often till 10/11pm) waking 3 to 4 times a night each time taking up to an hour to resettle, to a baby that now sleeps 12 hours every night!

We have so much to be grateful to Claudine for and would highly recommend her baby sleep training service to those other parents who are in the same boat as we were. Parenting can be tiring but at least with a good night’s sleep you can function and enjoy your precious babies. Thanks so much Claudine!!


Jenny, Co. Dublin


I contacted Claudine when my second daughter Elsie was six months old. My husband and I were exhausted, up every hour and a half with a crying baby who just wanted to feed all night long and a toddler who had started random night wakings with all the noise! To say Claudine helped us is an understatement, after only a few days of following Claudine’s detailed sleep plan for us we started to see vast improvements and we all finally started to get some proper sleep. Already a mum of one I thought I had all the answers and tricks I needed to get Elsie sleeping through but I found the support and structured plan that Claudine gave me to be invaluable. Each baby is so different and although my first daughter had slept through the night at an early age Elsie responded differently and was more sensitive and in need of comfort. With Claudine’s help and planning I did not need to take any harsh measures or tough approach but was able to gently guide Elsie to take the sleep she so needed. I cannot say enough good things about the service Claudine provides….thank you thank you thank you!!!


Kate, Co. Wicklow

We contacted Claudine when our 51/2 month old baby Lewis, who had been gradually getting more and more difficult to settle had got to the point that he was refusing point black to sleep anywhere but on my knee. He was extremely cranky during the day and literally would not let me put him down (asleep or awake) or he would scream the house down. This meant that I was stuck on the couch from7.30pm every night, not even having the luxury of 5 minutes to put my pyjamas on at night! Lewis was so clingy he wouldn’t even let his own father hold him and although he was sleeping in our bed (we would have done virtually anything to get some much needed sleep!) he was waking on average every 25 minutes. To say that we were exhausted was probably the understatement of the century! Our 2 year old had also started to act out, simply because he was not getting anything like the attention he needed simply due to his little brother being constantly glued to me.


As a third time Mum, part of me felt like I should really know enough to solve the problem on my own, however I eventually admitted defeat and sought outside help. This turned out to be probably the best decision I have ever made.

From the first contact with Claudine it was obvious that she was a very kind and gentle person, who knows her role inside out and puts her heart and soul into her work, she instilled confidence and immediately we started to see light at the end of the tunnel.

After a few email exchanges and a face to face consultation, Claudine put together a sleep plan which was gentle, reassuring for Lewis and easy to follow, she then moved in with us for 5 nights.By the time Claudine left, Lewis was sleeping in his cot day and night, and although I would have been delighted just to get a few hours of sleep at a time during the night, Lewis was sleeping 7.30pm – 7.30am!!! If I had been told this even a couple of weeks before Claudine’s visit, I genuinely wouldn’t have thought it possible.Since Claudine has left us, she has kept in regular contact and I get so much pleasure updating her on the incredible and positive changes within our family and how Lewis is continuing to progress with his daytime naps.Our family is really unrecognisable compared to the sleep deprived, frazzled and resentful version poor Claudine was met with when she arrived. Lewis is so happy that sometimes I think he might actually burst! His relationships with all of our other family members (immediate and extended) has changed beyond belief. Our 2 year old is so much happier and better behaved as he is now getting the attention that he so desperately needed and deserved and even the relationship between myself and my husband has improved dramatically now that we are no longer short tempered and snappy!

I have tried very hard above, but the truth is, words cannot express how Claudine has changed our lives and how truly grateful we are to her for what she has done for our family.

If you are even toying with the idea of getting some help with sleep problems, I strongly urge you to make contact with Claudine, you will not regret it …. personally, I want to shout from the rooftops about her amazing service and abilities!!


Leah, Delgany, Co. Wicklow



7 month old Non Sleeping, Soother Addicted Triplets” is where we were last August before we contacted Claudine @ Sleep Solutions. The improvement in our home since then is great and it’s a good approach considering the babies are young. . Our 3 babies would be awake until 11pm or later each night and refused to sleep. Claudine gave us the skills to teach them gently how to soothe themselves to sleep, within 3 days we had totally eliminated soothers and had major improvements in sleep patterns. They now go to bed at 7pmand sleep through to 6.30am ! Even their behaviour during the daytime is better. Claudine went above and beyond for us to reach this goal and I cannot recommend Sleep Solutions highly enough. The dedication and effort shown by Claudine to her clients each day is the reason our triplets are sleeping better.


Siobhan, Kildare




I first contacted when my daughter was 7 months old. She had not slept a full night when I contacted Claudine and we were just worn out! She used to go to bed at 7 but used to wake up at 4 or 5am. I tried everything and in the end only a bottle and I used to give her a bottle so she wouldn’t wake her 2 year old sister. She began waking earlier and earlier when I heard about Claudine I felt like it was my last option.I contacted Claudine and we spoke a few days later. It was such a straightforward process and she was so helpful and was available at every stage. Well after a few nights my daughter was sleeping from 7 to 6 and then stretched to 7. She was a much happier baby because she was getting the sleep she needed. Thankfully she has only woke a handful of times since then and when she does I know how to settle her. I found such a difference in her once she was getting a full nights sleep that she was a lot happier and more energetic during the days. I really couldn’t thank Claudine enough and if we decide to have another baby I will contact again. I just found her advice so helpful and she was so non judgemental. I still get the odd email from her asking how we are getting on. I really couldn’t recommend her enough. I would not hesitate to contact her again if I did have another child. No one can put a price on a nights sleep!! Thanks again Claudine for all your help, we’re a much happier family since we found you ;-)


Catherine, Kerry




We worked with Claudine when our triplets were 6 months old, after she was recommended to us by another triplet Mum. Her approach is gentle but firm, and child-centred. She gave us the confidence and support to do the things we knew needed to be done but that we hadn’t be able to face (like ditching the soothers!). Within 2-3 weeks all three babies were generally sleeping from 7pm to 7am, and we have a roadmap for how to drop the 11pm dream feed when they are well-established on solids. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their baby’s sleep issues.


Aisling, Co. Dublin




I had the privilege of meeting Claudine a few years ago at a sleep training course in London. I instantly liked Claudine and was in awe of her incredible knowledge on sleep issues and how to overcome them (and that was before we'd completed the course!). At the time, I was working as a nanny to a child who had many sleep issues and I needed to learn the tips and techniques which would help me aid the family in achieving better sleep for their child. 
I have since had a baby of my own. From a very early age he had always been a tricky sleeper; unable to self-settle, waking too early from daytime naps and thinking that he'd had enough sleep by 5am! Tired and frustrated that I was unable to help my own baby, I contacted Sleep Solutions and asked for advice. And just like the other reviews have said...I wish I'd done it sooner!! Within just 24 hours, Claudine had devised a plan that was simple and easy to follow. Given that SS is based in Ireland and I just outside London, we didn't speak directly or meet once, but waking up most mornings to find an email of help, guidance and genuine care meant everything to me. Even though I was implementing the new routine and techniques on my own, Claudine was with me every step of the way. I have a much calmer, happier baby now and I no longer fear naps or bedtime. 

Thank you Claudine and Sleep Solutions


Emma, London


Claudine has just made My quality of life so much better. I have a 10 month old baby boy that hasn't slept a full night in his little life. He was waking up every hour, every night. I found that there were days that I could barley function as I was so tired.
Claudine helped me implement a simple routine for my son. The first 3 nights were hard but on the 4th night he slept through the night for the First time ever. I just couldn't believe it. If it wasn't for Claudine ringing me every day and motivating me to keep at it, I probably would have given up after the first night.
I would highly recommend Claudine, I only wish I contacted her a few months ago


Kim, Co. Wicklow


I had a dream sleeper until my little baba turned 4 months and suddenly decided that she needed the soother popped back in multiple times during the night! I was exhausted and seriously struggling when I met Claudine with broken sleep. My daughter was just 5 months at the time and turning into a sleep deprived little thing. 
Claudine listened and took note of current schedule/routine and then set out a plan. I didn't really know what to expect as my first daughter was a dream sleeper throughout. Within 3 nights our little monkey was sleeping through the night from 7-6. If/when she would wake she was able to self settle or I was given the tools to comfort her back to sleep with no soother in a gentle way. Every baby is so different but what we gained was a happier more contended and well rested baby. Apart from getting amazing results I found the support that Claudine gave weeks after initial consultation brilliant. She was always a text or phone call away at any time day or night. There truly is no need to feel sleep deprived for both parents and babies. I would not hesitate in recommending Claudine.


Michelle, Co. Wicklow


We contacted Claudine when our twins were 18 months old. We had tried sleep training previously, but didn't’t get lasting results. We were still in a position of wheeling them around in their buggy until they fell asleep, and then transferring them to their cots. They were waking frequently during the night. We also had our girl in bed with us on occasion and this was severely affecting our sleep. Claudine put a plan in place with us which included both their lunchtime nap as well as going to bed at night. It took a number of weeks for the kids to adjust to it, but Claudine was always available and followed up with us 3 times a day. She also listened to our feedback and adjusted the plan based on what was happening and what we felt was working. One example of this was a decision to put them both in the same room, which we had been too scared to try ourselves before that. This proved to be a major turning point in their sleep training. We still have a few small areas to improve, but things are hugely improved on what they were before we started. Claudine still follows up with us to see how things are going and offer advice. The difference this has made to our sleep and our sanity has been huge. We can honestly say that it is the best money we have ever spent on anything.


Fionnuala, Co. Wicklow


We contacted Claudine when our little girl was 5 months old and it was definitely the best decision we ever made. She was waking 3-4 times a night for hours each time and we were so exhausted we just didn't know what to do to help her. We had read all the books but they just confused us. Every sleep was a battle and we were at our wits end. It was awful for her being so tired and miserable all the time. And then we met Claudine. Her professionalism and kindness throughout the hands on help and after was amazing. We couldn't believe how things improved so quickly and now she sleeps through the night. Our little girl is so much happier and we are really able to enjoy her. It has changed our lives! I could not recommend Claudine and Sleep Solutions enough to anyone who is having trouble with sleep. Thanks Claudine! 



Louise, Co. Dublin